Graphic Design

Before a potential client ever reads a word on your website or on an ad, and often before they ever see a video, they will first take notice of your visual identity. Before you go to work, you make sure that you are looking your best, don’t you? Make sure that you are also graphically on point before you put yourself in front of potential clients. Graphic design is at the core of what we do here at Gavel. Whether we are building graphics for video, print, digital, or even logos, you can be sure that Gavel will elevate your vision and your brand to new heights.

Logo Design

For many of our clients, the design work starts from the ground up with a logo treatment. Whether you are just beginning or rebuilding, we can create a logo and a brand identity that will help define your business in your market.


It may start with a logo, but that’s only the beginning. From your logo we can build you an entire brand identity from color schemes and website look to business cards and fliers. Gavel will make your brand come alive.

Our Work

Take a look at how some of our graphic design work looks in the real world. From business cards to billboards, we can handle it all.


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