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We’ve all seen them… the horrible commercials that were created to “promote” a law firm. But the problem is, they don’t do anything to promote the legal field… in fact they do the opposite.  It’s our mission to combat that stigma, and to present you and your firm as the top professionals in your area of legal expertise. We set the precedent when it comes to branding your firm – and we take great pride in elevating our clients among their competitors.


Our Services


In an increasingly visual world, a full video package is essential in presenting your firm to potential clients. From script writing to shooting to post-production, nobody does it better than Gavel Marketing.

Graphic Design

A recognizable brand is heavily dependent on good graphic design. We are known for raising the bar when it comes to visual representation of your firm – including creating beautiful logos that represent you and your firm in a professional light.

Media Strategy

When and where to showcase your brand is never an easy decision. We know where best to spend those dollars for maximum exposure. Excellent branding doesn’t do much if people don’t see it. We can devise a customized marketing and media buying strategy to increase your call count, help you recruit new cases, and improve your bottom line.

Social Media Management

In this day and age, social media is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Clients do their own research before choosing an attorney, and that includes checking out your firm’s social media pages. We make sure they like what they see, leading our clients to more followers and better engagement.